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I spent most of this past weekend at RTX, an annual convention here in Austin that’s put on by a group called Rooster Teeth. If you’re plugged in to the video game community then you’ve probably heard of them, but if not I’ll give you a quick description: Rooster Teeth is a company dedicated to all things gaming and internet related, and they’ve built up a huge following and community over recent years. To give you some perspective, they were recently able to raise nearly 2.5 million dollars for a movie that they’ve started working on (and it’s estimated that around 20% of the community actually contributed). RTX -now in its fourth year- has more than doubled its attendance for 2014, and many of the top game studios (like Bungie, the team behind the Halo series) were present with all kinds of sneak peeks for soon-to-be-released games.


RTX_badgeThe convention was fantastic. I got to talk with all kinds of people (I even got to go into the VIP lounge and very briefly meet the Slow-Mo guys), and had the opportunity to network with some businesses that are bringing all kinds of innovation to the table. Rest assured, I’ll talk about those in due time. But today, I want to focus on the graphic design elements of RTX itself.

Brian Behm is the art director for Rooster Teeth, and is responsible for most of their graphic design elements, including their animated titles. I got to sit in on one of his panels, in which he gave a quick walkthrough of his design process, and he’s a really talented dude. I like the clean style that he brings to the table, and all of the signage and design elements for RTX had a very clean feel that was evocative of a digital medium.

RTX_bagRooster Teeth has always had a very sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek aesthetic, and their convention is no exception. Their design elements are funny and clever, and sans-serif is the order of the day. I particularly like the cursor that’s been worked in to the convention logo. A huge amount of attention has been paid to consistency, and to making sure that every little piece of material related to the convention works together to form a cohesive identity. From the badges worn by attendees and guardians to the printed material and souvenirs, you’ll know all of the official RTX merchandise when you see it. Honestly though, one of my favorite elements of the designs is the small illustrations of consoles and controllers that decorate the material. It lends a really quirky look to the whole thing, and the it was pulled off really well.

I loved the whole convention, and I came away with a ton of stuff to write about, so most of the people and designs that I’ll be talking about over the next few weeks will be from RTX. For now, I’ll leave you with some pages from the convention guide to give you more of a feel for the event as a whole. Oh, and if you enjoy video games and aren’t familiar with Rooster Teeth, go and check out their site for the latest news and developments from the industry, as well as some pretty hilarious videos.

RTX_pg 1

RTX_pg 2



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