About The Artist

biopicI was the parents worst nightmare: the child who decided very early on that he wanted to be an artist when he grew up. Fortunately for both my parents sanity and my bank account, after I got to college I very quickly figured out that my talents had more helpful applications than simply drawing pretty pictures and hoping someone bought them. When I first heard the term “graphic design” I thought it sounded incredibly boring, but before too long I realized that I had quite a bit of fun figuring out new ways to address the problems plaguing our digitally advanced, image-saturated world. Problems like making one message stand out above the others, or working to make the experience of a website as intuitive as possible.

Since then I’ve graduated, gotten married, and started up my own personal design business. And now here I am, in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas, one of the most fantastic hubs for creatives and tech gurus in the country (not that I’m biased or anything).

So this blog is where I’ll be discussing the business of graphic design, leaving what few nuggets of advice and wisdom for other prospective designers that I can think of, and talking about various projects that I’m working on. Don’t be afraid to send me a message, and I hope you enjoy!


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