Backstage Design Studio

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There are some seriously talented artists and designers living in Texas, and most of them are here in Austin. While this makes it pretty nerve-wracking for a young designer like myself to even dream of succeeding in this town, it means I get to gain inspiration from some of the best designers active today. While checking out local design studios, I was suddenly transfixed when I came across the work of Austin-based Backstage Design Studio. Read the rest of this entry »


RTX Design

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I spent most of this past weekend at RTX, an annual convention here in Austin that’s put on by a group called Rooster Teeth. If you’re plugged in to the video game community then you’ve probably heard of them, but if not I’ll give you a quick description: Rooster Teeth is a company dedicated to all things gaming and internet related, and they’ve built up a huge following and community over recent years. Read the rest of this entry »

Christophe Szpajdel – Lord of the Logos

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I have a secret passion that’s not shared by many of my graphic design brethren: heavy metal. I mean HEAVY metal. So when I first came across Lord of the Logos, a book published in 2010 that contains hundreds of death and black metal logos, I thought “awesome, I definitely want that”, especially since I’d heard several of the bands. But then I noticed something else – All of these logos had been designed by one man. Read the rest of this entry »